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Medical Second opinion needed

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    Someone recently linked me this article about someone who claims to be allergic to radio waves as well as some stuff about the supposed effects of EMF on DNA, namely this part from page 4:

    I also discovered another article about a WHO study that indicated increased risk of brain cancer from cell phone radiation.

    Personally I'm pretty skeptical of this whole thing, but I don't have enough background knowledge on the subject to debunk this, so I figured I'd come here and ask the experts. What do you think?
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    This strikes me as absurd, and premature to call. The idea that one could be allergic to radio waves is just... laughable. The effect of EMF on DNA also seems absurd, ut the notion that free radicals can cause harm is not. Compare the radio emissions to solar radiation however, and we're back to laughable. I think you can safely file this under "nutty".
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    1) You cannot be allergic to radiation, antibodies need proteins to bind to.
    2) There hasn't been a study that shows conclusive data that the radiation emitted from cell phones causes brain tumors, I don't have a citation right now but that was the conclusion of a recent study published in a scientific journal.
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    The best I've ever heard is that microwave radiation blasted at tumors CAN accelerate their growth, but that is a far cry from causing them. Even that result is iffy.

    Monique: You cannot be allergic to radiation, but if you experienced an inflammatory response as a result, many would say "I am allergic to it". From there, I think the logical conclusion is still: no, EMF doesn't cause an inflammatory response, you've already mentioned the lack of classical allergic reaction, so hell no seems a fair answer.

    I would suspect exposure to a number of environmental toxins, from Ethylene Glycol to an unknown inflammatory condition before I lept to the "radiation" conclusion.
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    Oh god, not electromagnetism allergy. Seriously, I can't stand these people.

    "IT'S COMING!"

    I recall one guy in a documentary about them who claimed to be and had to cover half of his apartment in tin foil. The other ones were mostly about theatrics. "Oh god, a woman really obviously sinking down and lying on the floor trying to appear as if she's fainting from the RADIATION!"
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    :rofl: I remember that one, what a steaming pile! I believe that an MIT study showed that the tinfoil treatment can in theory intensify radio, rather than attenuating it. This is right up there with the new "ghost" shows where a couple of grown men wet themselves and shake night-vision cameras ever time a board creaks.
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