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Second-Order Homogeneous Linear Equation

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    I have this intial value problem: y''-4y'-5y=0, y(1)=0, y'(1)=2. My AUX equation is r^2-4r-5=0. I factor and get r=5, r=-1 and my equation becomes y(x)=C1e^(5x)+C2e^(-1x) (C1 and C2 are constants). I took the derivative of y(x) and then tried to use my initial value's to solve for C1 and C2. I got C1e^5+C2e^(-1)=0 and 5C1e^5-C2e^(-1)=2. For some reason when I solve for C1 or C2 and put them back in the equations it doesn't check out. I'd appreciate any advice to help me find what C1 and C2 are. Thanks!!!
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    [tex] C_1e^5 + C_2e^{-1} = 0, \ 5C_1e^5 - C_2e^{-1} = 2 \Longrightarrow 6C_1e^5 = 2 \Longrightarrow C_1 = \frac{1}{3}e^{-5}[/tex]


    [tex] C_1e^5 + C_2e^{-1} = \frac{1}{3}+C_2e^{-1}=0 \Longrightarrow C_2 = -\frac{e}{3}.[/tex]
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