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Second Temporal dimension

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    Hello to everybody. I had brought up the topic of extra spatial dimension in the math sector of the forum and was directed to the physics section for a question to a second temporal dimension.

    My questions are the following. would a second temporal dimension run counter to the current arrow of time? What are the implicications of a second temoporal dimension? Any helpful links goes a long way.

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    If you add another dimension, then its direction has to be orthogonal to the 'original' time axis. Consider time as a bead sliding on a straight wire, then the other time has to be sliding on a wire at a right angle to that. I dunno about implications of it off the top of my head, it's hard to imagine a 5 dimensional space-time.
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    Pretty interesting stuff. I suppose if that's the way nature really works though then what we experience would be a result of 5D-space time.
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