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Second type perpetual motion machine is existent .

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    second type perpetual motion machine is existent .

    Let us assume that a system make a circulate of thermodynamics ,if we can approve that entropy will not equal to 0 , so the second law of thermodynamics is wrong ,and the second type perpetual motion machine is existent .

    The entropy will be changed as the change of temperature of liquid
    We assume a experiment : a round glass contain with mercury ,there is a glass tube inserted in the top of glass contain erect .
    1. first we assume that the temperature of the system is 20℃
    2. the temperature of system move up to 30℃,so mercury entry glass tube ,then the gravitational potential energy of mercury will be increased .these energy is come from outside ,so the system will get more heat quantity .
    3. then we turn the glass contain to set glass tube level, so the gravitational potential energy will send out energy .
    4. then we let the temperature down to 20℃,whole mercury will back contain ,the system will send out heat quantity Q2 ,but Q2 <Q1 ,if we compare the step with the second step.
    5. turn the contain to erect glass tube .
    since the potential energy before and after experiment is equal .
    we can know DS is not equal 0 .
    So the entropy and the second lay of thermodynamics are not right
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    Your English is pretty poor, but it looks like you are saying that you get more energy back from a system than you put into it. Sorry, but you won't. It looks like your error is in step 4: when the temperature drops from 30 to 20F, you don't get any potential energy back because the system is already horizontal and you've already recovered the PE.
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