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Testing Secondary Math Praxis II Exam

  1. Apr 28, 2005 #1
    Has anyone out there taken this exam? It's required in most places in the U.S. to get a Secondary Math Teaching License/Credential. I'm taking it in June. Any advice? Was it hard? Easy? What should I study?
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    Praxis II Math Teachers Exam


    This exam basically tests your knowledge of high school math - algebra, geometry, trig, pre-calc, basic calc, probability, etc. Nothing that a physics major hasn't seen before, although how many of us have used geometry since high school. I pulled out the Schaums books, and I also bought 150 Praxis problems for twenty bucks from www.praxisiimath.com[/URL] . With a little study, you should ace this test.

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    Suppose that high excellence teachers not only figure the future of our students’ lives, they can also be critical forces in ensuring that more qualified and energetic individuals teach Philadelphia’s students and help close the achievement gap. We are looking for someone to fill a part-time co-teacher role as we provide a Math Praxis II test preparation course for applicants to our program who are planning to take the Secondary Math Praxis II exam administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). Co-Teacher Role and Responsibilities Co-teachers play a critical role in program support.
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