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Seconds passed

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    does every second repeat itself when time moves forward,but the events that occur
    in each second are not the same,so do we know the no.of seconds that have passed
    from the time life began?
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    this is philosophical, not relativistic.
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    It's not a question that can be answered by science, but that doesn't mean it's philosophy. (Philosophy isn't defined as "stuff that doesn't make sense"). The reasoning that leads to the conclusion that science can't answer this question...now that's philosophy.
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    I like the efficient way you've added a little humour just by putting one word into italics!:smile:
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    so be it,but don't we know the seconds that have passed since time began?
    we observe day to-day time using a clock,but time that has elapsed and is still
    going on is measured in seconds.Which second are we in?
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    from where did the idea stem that seconds repeat themselves??
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    Your question of whether or not seconds repeat themselves is a bit :uhh: :uhh: :uhh: :uhh:
    Personally i think that second's do not exactly repeat themselves seeing how you could also argue microseconds do and go down further than that, but i shall tell you that live began at around 3.8 Billion years ago. (No one knows it to the exact second though)
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    I don't have any idea what could be meant by "seconds repeat themselves". A second is a unit of measure. That's like asking whether "inches" repeat themselves.

    As for the question "Do we know how many seconds have passed since life began", we do not even know to the year or century when life began!
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