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  1. there is a strange virus.It seems that it has a name of recycle.Problem is that when it enters our flash memory it changes all created folder with their shortcuts.ı can reach them by these shortcuts.
    But when I deleted that shortcuts I cant reach folder normally from a windows 7 window.but they are really there.I can reach and monitor them by some programs such as winrar.I run winrar and using
    up button I select the memory and enter into it by winrar.I can see all folder in winrar but not in the
    operating system's window.what is the problem with can make them normal?
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  3. Just tell Windows Explorer to show hidden and system files

  4. how can I tell Windows explorer to show . I entered control panel and chose folder options and
    then clicked on "show hidden files and folder" and then a dialog window called folder options opened.In the view button I chose "show hidden files,folders and drivers" and then clicked on "ok" button.but I see that nothing has changed.
  5. Its probably the RECYCLER virus and most modern antivirus softwares can get rid of it for you.
  6. yes I can get rid of it but the problem is I cant make folders visible again.
  7. Borek

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    Control panel, Folder options, View, Show hidden files, directories and drives.

    At leas under W7, I am translating from Polish, so exact names can be slightly different.

  8. I did like you said but nothing has change is it because of secret folders in a flash memory.

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    Is it possible to copy the entire flash memory to a folder on a hard drive, then compare to verify everything was copied, then "unhide" all the folders that you don't want hidden, then "format" the flash memory, and then copy back to the flash memory?
  10. I tried what you said.I did as in the Picture I attached but nothing has change.They are still unvisible.there must be another tip.
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    There is more than show hidden files and folders, you must ALSO show system files, which is a little bit farther down in that thumbnail above, or rather uncheck the "hide system files" one.
  12. Antivirus should have fixed that...but aside that a google search suggests this to show all hidden files in a directory:
    1. Click on "Start" -->Run --> type cmd and click on OK.
    2. Here I assume your External hard drive as G:
    3. Enter this command.
    4. attrib -r -a -s -h g:\*.*
    (replace g with your drive letter)
  13. Your method works very well. I unchecked "hide protected operating system files(recommended)" and it is ok. But there is not any box being "Show system files" for checking and I can see files but they are transparent. they are not still normal in spite of being visible. Is my O.S regards them as system files in spite of they are not?

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  14. It's OK. You're doing fine. Now just do what Enigman sad in post 11
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    1-Make a new folder(This should be normal)
    2-Copy all the files/sub-folders present in the affected folder to new folder
    3-Then delete the transparent/original folder.
    Problem solved

    This is what I did when "Chir.B.worm" virus got into my computer.
    It makes all the folders into shortcuts just like how you said.
  16. when I try this command prompt says -r is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file and can you share your Google criteria for that search.
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  18. Removing all the attributes on the entire hard drive *.* could cause issues with certain software packages that depend on something being read only attribute as well, it opens up any file to be modified.
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