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Security at Athens

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    Remember that thread I started about security at Athens and whether you'd go to the Olympics or not?

    What exactly did Greece spend billions of dollars on?

    A couple of days ago during a synchronized swimming event, a Montrealer wearing no shirt and a tutu, climbed onto a diving board and jumped into the pool.

    If someone like him, wearing nothing but a skirt, can climb the diving board and jump into the pool, imagine how easy it would be for a trained terrorist.

    Now, what was the purpose of that expensive security plan?

    What bothered me was afterwards, they reported that security was being tightened up and more alert. Shouldn't they have already been alert prior to the incident?
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    http://www.canada.com/sports/insideathens/story.html?id=0a118e30-05b9-483e-9a84-f5a76bf3182a [Broken]
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    I'm sure the security people were looking for knives, guns and bombs and not tutus.

    But yeah, that's pretty bad, though it's hard to prevent that sort of thing.
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    What annoyed me was the way they handled the situation. It didn't seem like a severe enough crime where the Greek police had to beat him up.
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