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See my question

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    plz see my question i cant dfind its imaginary roots .the equ is

    X2 –3X +C,here 2 is the power of X and Cis constant we have to show that there exixts no reak number C for which the givev equation has two
    distinct rootss in [-1,1]
    i solve this by quadic formula but i got its real roots :zzz::zzz:
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    How can you solve this by quadratic formula? There is no value of c given.
    You can use the conditions in terms of c that would allow the equation to have real and distinct roots, and thereby show that there exists no such real c.
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    Using the quadratic formula, your answer should have c as well as other numbers inside a square root. The roots will be complex as long as the number inside the square root are negative.
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