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See Planet George form earth

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    This is the on planet that Ancients haven't seen(and I have never seen).
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    That's interesting.. Thank goodness for TV! But if I were around then it would be awesome to see the stuff (relatively) plus there wouldn't be all that light pollution.
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    We probably have just as many meteors nowadays too, but nobody notices them cuz they're glued to the TV.
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    I've had some glued to my TV and they're quite noticeable after a while. Removal is simple with a clean cloth and some Windex.
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    Interestingly, the Georgian Planet (Uranus...which I presume is what you are hinting at in your topic name) is barely visible if you have very clear skies & keen eyesight...but it wasn't discovered until a telescope was used.
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    Did you buy it that way or did they build up over time? HAHAHAHAHAHA okay so I wasn't thinking when I typed that.. Let me see if I can recall what I was trying to say.
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    The small number of tv tube meteors is proof of a young Earth.
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    http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2006/11apr_george.htm [Broken]
    sorry I didn't post before you'll be able to see it tonight
    EDIT:sorry I got confused it will be this moring before dawn
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