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See-saw mathematics

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    I want to derive the equation for angle of see-saw with parameters of its lenght and height and then simulate its several behaviours on Matlab. Could anybody giude me? Its too urgent.

    Muhammad Ameen
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    I don't understand what you are asking. I assume "length" is the length of the seesaw itself but what height are you talking about? What "several behaviours" are you talking about? There don't seem to me to be that many "behaviours" a seesaw can have! It might be best to use the angle the seesaw makes with the horizontal your basic parameter.
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    Length is the length of the see-saw, right.
    Height is its vertical height from the ground to where the fulcrum is located.
    Different bevahiours might include change in angle, effect of change in length and height on the angle. Actually I'm not a Physics expert, my major is Electronics, and still I'm weak on many areas including Maths.

    OK now I may clarify my question, how can we describe the motion of a see-saw using vectors and plot the graphs of its possible behaviours observed?

    P.S. Actually the problem is related to the Vector Analysis and Multivariable Calculus.
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