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Homework Help: Seeing magnetic fields

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    hello I was hoping someone could tell me a way to show my children a way to see a magnetic field?they are playing with magnets and don't underststand the way i explained how they work . if i could show them they might start to understand ...... thanx in advance for your reply
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    You can use iron filings and show how they align to the magnetic field. This can help them visualize the field and make it easier to explain how it works when you explain it.
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    It would be best to put the filings on a glass plate or sheet of paper with the magnet underneath. This way you can easily remove the magnet and put the filings back in a container.

    Or you can purchase this http://www.sciencefirst.com/vw_prdct_mdl.asp?prdct_mdl_cd=20110" [Broken].

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    what about this plastic that allows you to view a mf ??what is that all about and where can I get some???
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