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Seeking a good beginners text

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    I'm trying to find a good text on philosophy of science, that will be applicable to graduate students in the social sciences, working on their first research course.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Usually a course in the philosophy of science would be run using a course reader that contained various selections - excerpts and articles and such, rather than an actual bound textbook. To be honest, I'm not too sure if any such textbook exists.

    Some seminal authors in this subject include guys like John Stuart Mill, Bertrand Russell, Thomas Kuhn, Karl Popper, Willard Quine, and Hans Reichenbach. Contemporary authors include Michael Friedman, Gilles Deleuze, and, specifically in the philosophy of cognitive science, Dan Dennett and the Churchlands (Paul and Patricia).

    I've never read any of these, but I would imagine they are mostly what I am talking about; that is, compilations of either the direct text or more likely explanations of the thought of some of these seminal figures:


    Sorry if that isn't terribly helpful. I know it's just an Amazon search for "Philosophy of Science." You might want to check with your university to see what sort of texts they use in their philosophy of science courses.
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    Therein lies the problem. This isn't for personal study. I work for a university that only does social sciences, and is looking for a philosophy of science text to use in the courses that teach students how to do research. Thanks for the link, I'll keep looking.
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    Have you checked The Galilean Library? Especially the manuscripts section:


    Will add a couple of recent names to the list provided by loseyourname. The essays in the Philosophy of Science-section under History and Philosophy of Science are a good source for references, other than the essays being perfection themselves.
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    Thanks! That looks helpful.
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    .... actually also in the Philosophy section there is a general essay about the 'Scientific Method', which actually deals with most problems of the 'method' and is written for a beginner in mind.
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