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Seeking Advice

  1. Nov 9, 2013 #1
    Hello I am really interested in technology and inventions and I am thinking about doing physics and engineering. I dont know that much about the academic levels and what opportunities they create so im not sure If I should get a masters, a phd, or just a ba. I think that I should proobly go beyond just four years. If I do does it matter where I get my ba in terms of jobs or will employers mainly use my phd work to judge? Any suggestions on schools to apply to to to get it?
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    Its always best to go to the best school you can. As far a MS or PhD decide that while you're an undergrad and have more experience of academia. You may get burned out or you find a great job opportunity and so start working and raise a family...

    Clearly having a PhD means you are at the top of your profession, but that doesn't mean you can apply for any job in the field. The recruiter will pidgeon hole you into PhD level jobs or if you have a BS then a more entry level job. They usually wont put a PhD in an entry level job unless they were desperate. Also recruiters get measured on who they select and how long they stay on the job so if the PhD in the entry level job left for a better position in a couple of months then the recruiter loses some prestige and has to start the search again.

    I had a friend who begged the recruiter for a job and reluctantly he gave it to him against his better judgement. IBM called a month later with a much better offer and poof he left and the recruiter was fuming vowing never again...
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    Getting off topic here, I am also pursuing engineering physics and I was wondering if anyone can tell me whether the school you went to will effect your employment opportunities if you are planning to to go into work after your BA degree.
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    Yeah my names URanus haha i was naming myself after the Greek God who created Gia, didnt even realize
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