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Seeking estimate of the Wattage potential of optimally placed solar paneling

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    The deepest mine is almost 4km deep1, the Earth's crust is 30-50km thick and 60% silicon dioxide2, and the Earth's mantle is 2890km thick and 21% silicon3. Silicon is the most needed material for the construction of solar panels and silicon certainly isn't the only resource down there. Reach deep enough, and there are mind-boggling amounts of all metals.

    This enables the ubiquitous placement of photovoltaic cells. Although many novel nanomaterials increase the conversion of light to voltage, the http://www.physorg.com/news/2011-06-japan-firm-sun-chasing-solar-panels.html" [Broken].

    This is not the only route to post-scarcity energy; I have already found designs for reliably safe fission reactors. Barring the incompetence of the nuclear-industrial complex, even reactors fissioning conventional materials may be physicsally designed such as to make reliably safe reactors.

    Here's what's going on: I'm writing about emerging technologies the richest people on Earth would be thrilled to have. In fact, its already hit the noosphere. Now I'm writing another appeal to investing in people (this one focused more on biopersonal impacts, fitness and longevity, than technosocial development - both focus on people as both developing into scientists and otherwise feeding science) and wish to publish it with a concise explanation of intraplanetary post-scarcity.

    Intraplanetary post-scarcity describes global abundance achieved using only resources obtained without leaving Earth's orbit. Toward this end I ask, "How do I express estimates of the Wattage potential of optimally placed solar paneling?"

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