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Seeking help on vector calculus

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    Dear all

    I'm a newbie here...having some prob and hope to have your expert advice on how to solve the equation attached.

    Thx in advance!

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    Do you want a general solution, or have you been given, eg., m=(m1,m2,m3), r=(r1,r2,r3), or have you specific values for the vectors m and r?

    Either way, do the cross product first, then divide by the scalar magnitude, then apply the curl function.
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    hi J77

    Thx for your reponse.. appreciate your advice...

    In fact, the solution to the above is given as attached... I can't seem to derive to the stated form... :cry:

    Would really appreciate if any guru can shed some light... :redface:

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    Quick reply, but to me the transformation seems to lie in using Lagrange's formula:

    [tex]a\times(b\times c)=b(a\cdot c)-c(a\cdot b)[/tex]

    ie. "BAC minus CAB"
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