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Medical Seeking Online Resources: Scientific Racism

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    I am doing a 30 minute presentation on scientific racism that will focus on IQ tests, standarized tests, and eugenics. If anyone has any information that would help me I would appreciate it. I am against the information that claims white individuals are genetically superior.

    I have so far the books: The Bell Curve Wars (Hoping to get a copy of the actual Bell Curve soon), Race, IQ, and Jensen (this is by Flynn I believe), and a book called Race and Intelligence. I have online access to "the g factor", but I live in a small town so books I find will likely have to be downloaded or viewed on the Internet. I am interested in The Mismeasure of Man by Gould if anyone has a net-based copy.

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    If you are planning to tar Jensen as a racist, be advised that even his severest critics do not do that. It is not racism to research differences between populations. The book(?) by Flynn sounds interesting; I don't think of Flynn as being part of the PC army.

    In my opinion the Bell Curve is not racist either. But I know that is a much more fraught issue.
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    I am not certain what I am going to do. The issue is entirely complex. I view don't view seeing another race as inferior as racism. In fact, it isn't. It's racialism - racism is racialism applied to society. Of course, I am presenting to a teacher with a very unfavorable opinion of the Bell Curve and a class that would be quick to view it as racist. I will be taking that in to account.

    I have checked, and the book is called "Race, IQ and Jensen" by Flynn. However, the first chapter of the book is about Jensen and is called "The Racist And His Need For Evidence". Of course, you may be write that most critics do not claim Jensen is racist; however, Flynn, who is quite an influential critic, does.

    I would like to argue that there blacks are not less capable of intelligence genetically, and, if they are, this fact could be reversed and has only resulted because of white opression. I have quite a bit more research to do, of course.
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    Correction: As the book continues, your informaiton is revealed to be correct. It takes awhile before he actually clarifies that he doesn't view Jensen as a racist, however, but he does do so near the end of the first chapter.
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    There are a lot of sources mentioned http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%22Scientific%22_racism" [Broken]

    Josiah Clark Nott, George Robins Gliddon, Robert Knox, Samuel George Morton; In the United States, eugenicists such as Harry H. Laughlin and Madison Grant sought to justify policies such as compulsory sterilization and immigration restriction by using "scientific research" to show that certain populations of people were physically inadequate to reproduce or enter the country.

    I used John L. Hodge's book: Hodge, John L., 1939-
    Title Cultural bases of racism and group oppression : an examination of traditional "Western" concepts, values, and institutional structures which support racism, sexism, and elitism / John L. Hodge, Donald K. Struckmann, Lynn Dorland Trost.

    Might be some stuff in there that could give your presentation social context.
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    I've bookmarked wikipedia; however, I appreciate the book reference and names. I will look into them. Right now I am reading the book mentioned above still. Very interesting.
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