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Seeking QFT exercise buddy

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    I'm a grad student. I've done 2 semester of QFT using Peskin but I've didn't too well due to many reasons. I now want to go back and catch up on things I should have learnt better, and then learn even more - I want to be a good field theorist.

    I'd like to see if there's anyone in a similar situation. I'd like to find some problem books (or books with problems and, hopefully, solutions) and work thru a couple of problems each week. We could fix a schedule and discuss our problems and ask each other questions, and compare our methods and answers. I'd like to find someone who's dedicated and serious about learning QFT well, and willing to invest time in it.
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    I don't know if I have much time, but I'd be a taker if you want to. Some time ago I went through it, have a look at:
    where I posted some solutions to some exercises in Peskin.
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    excersise buddy

    lonely, I am not a grad student but I am in a similar situation to yourself vis a vis Peskin. I would be willing to exchange emails on excercises in the first chapters, and we could use Patrick's worked out excercises as a last resort.
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