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Seems good!

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    Ok, I've been out of here a long time, but I am seeing everything is better than when I left. I like the new reconfiguration of the Homework section. By the way Arildno et al seem to be spending great amounts of time on tutorials.

    I think we should advice Administrators to broaden the diffusion of this web site to scholars over all US. I mean, I know it is diffucult to reach the ears of every people, but maybe many scholars don't know this forum is existing.

    To say the truth, and trying to saying it in a kindly way, my personal opinion is that the administrators don't realise of how good is this site compared to other ones. If I were the administrator, I'd try to diffuse this site through every school of US (that's a business thinking). I am not intending to extract money of this site, only to enlarge it and spread it as more as possible over the webworld.
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    I've tried myself in the past. A couple years ago I personally emailed hundreds of professors in top schools and never got anything in reply. The stigma of a forum is strong. However any help or ideas to gain scholar support and recognition is welcome.
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    Word of mouth goes a long way in promoting a place like this. I certainly recommend it to friends with children who might benefit from some help in sciences. I don't know if any have taken me up on the information, but I at least let them know it's here.
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    Yes, I've been very busy in GD lately. :smile:
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