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Seen this ufo or had a large craft follow them

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    we saw a strange light beem from the ground to up. small at the bottom large under the craft witch was strange it should be the other way round that got our attention. as soon as we said whats that it hoverd staight over us. its wierd it was a faint light sorce just looked like a light been shon in the air. hovering over us we could se lights. it was like a watch face glowing in the dark lines on the underside large then medium then small and repeated with a small one just the same as the outer one in the centre of the underside. no noise nothing no strange feelings for about 20 to 30 seconds we stood under the craft befor we said what shall we do. we just ran 400 yards first looked back and it was still over head we ran again to a friends house it just followed us there then we ran to my friends ho i was with house and we burst into the living room and got the familys out side to se the craft wich was hovering the house we just ran into. when we where all out side 8 of us the craft moved back sat there for about a min then shot off due north then back again the the some spot then it shot south at a redicules speed from 0 to 2000 crazy fast then back to the same spot again sat there for 5 sec then it lifted of up into space direction at a slow speed. i have read loads of ufo books and i have never seen or red about one like that imagine a glow in the dark frizby thats lost allot of glow so you can just about se it. its a faint glow
    domed on top. the hole craft glowed around the edges and there were only lights that looked like a glow in the dark clockface under it.
    has any one else been chased followed or seen one of these craft. it would be nice to know. i guess buy the glowing that this craft is highly charged and utillises electrical de gravataion as shown in capacitor experiments .
    i have been trying to make this craft i have seen it so i know that its possible to be constructed. its silent it dose not make the atmosphear feel wierd. only thin lights of differnt sizes under it. hard to tell its size du to the strainge dim glow that it immitted but at a guess it was about the size of an olypyic swimming pool. i have also seen another one but that was a completely different shape and i think i know what the science is behind it but i will save it for another time. sorry i am bad at spelling
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    if something were intelligent enough to have a craft that can accelerate 0 to 2000 mph, in our atmosphere, without breaking the sound barrier i doubt they would bother chasing you and your friends around. i find it strange u and your friends didn't catch a video of it. unless u have proof their is no room for discussion.
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    Why? Do you realise what lenses do to light? That effect is perfectly easy to achieve.
    Why would you have strange feelings? Do aircraft give you 'strange feelings' when you watch them fly over?
    And you judged this speed how?

    Anyhow, at those speeds you are guaranteed sound whilst within the atmosphere - little thing called the sound barrier.
    Or it's just got a few lights? Our aircraft have lights but they're not "highly charged".
    I'm sorry, what? This is non-sense, plain and simple and nothing based in science.
    Let's assume it's real and can do what you say, do you really believe you could make it after only seeing it a few times when all the brilliant minds out there who spend their lives working on these types of technology aren't even close to something with these capabilities?
    Again, why would the atmosphere feel weird? What are you comparing this to? We don't have anything that does it.
    Like aircraft have a variety of different sized lights?
    Well you may want to share this "science", because you'd be a hit overnight. Instant star in the science world.
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