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Segway max inclination

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    Hello physicists!

    I studying software engineering and for this semester, my group and I have build a lego segway. It runs perfect.

    Here is the question:
    We have set our balance task to execute each 4ms, but this is not based on any calculations.

    What we would like to calcuate is the max inclination from which the robot is going to be able to restore the 90º position. And thereby we can calculate how often our balance tast need to be executed in a worst case senario.

    I havnt done physics for quite a while, but I have an idea how to calculate it.

    θ = Max angle of inclination
    Fpush = Force that the segway run with on fullspeed.
    Fdown = Force that the segway tilting with.

    θ = Fpush > Fdown
    So... The maximum angle is where Fpush is slightly bigger than Fdown.

    But how do I calculate Fpush and Fdown?

    Fdown should be calculated based on its inertia and how fast the robot is driving, given that is starts in a 90º position and it is not trying to balance.

    Fpush, i got no clue.

    I would kindly donate 10dollars to whoever can help me solve this problem
    (I know 10dollars is not much, but is is better than nothing :) )

    Thanks in advance, and I hope my english is understandable!
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    Nobody, how can give me a hint?
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