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Seimens Competition

  1. Dec 1, 2009 #1
    I hope this is not in the wrong forum but it may be and if it is, I apologize. I put this under academic guidance because learning how to research is something one normally does best with in a university of some sort. I'd like to know how I should go about trying to find a "job" assisting some lab with the tiny parts of their research. I live near a decent Engineering school (Georgia Tech specifically) but I doubt I'd be able to do anything there. My physics teacher told me that most times they figure it's not worth their time to train a high school student enough to make them useful... Does anyone have any advice on what I could do for research for a competition like Seimens? Would it be worth me checking with some of the smaller tech schools? Thank you in advanced for any and all help.
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    It might help to look at the current list (and past lists) of recipients -- esp. as these are usually listed by state. A bit of research into their names as co-authors on publication(s), which are likely in this level of research, might tell you where they are working... i.e. what depts. might be friendly to high schoolers. Here in TN, most of our recipients are from Oak Ridge schools... and they're working at the Oak Ridge National Lab, which has a special program set up for high schoolers to get involved.

    PS -- welcome to the forums!
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