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Seismic scattering

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    How do the following affect seismic scattering ?

    1) topography
    2) faulting
    3) fluid and melt

    Any scientific sources are appreciated, thanks
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    What have you found in your reading so far?
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    I know that seismic scattering occurs as a result of the wavefield interaction with a heterogeneity that is of a similar scale length to the incident wavelength, but i do not know how each of these particular entities has an effect, if at all ?
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    OK Im not going to do them all for you, since Im sure you really do know how to use google

    put your questions into google one at a time ... I did the first one for you

    how does topography affect seismic scattering ?

    and as an example, got ....


    now have a play and see what else you can find :)

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    Topography would be a geometric effect, in addition to differences in interfaces between different media.

    What is a fault?

    What is the significance of fluid or molten rock - as compared to solid rock? Think about the speed of sound and elastic properties?
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