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Selecting and displaying Physics Forums statistics

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    What novel Physics Forums statistics would you like to see compiled, and in what manner would you like them displayed? I am intrigued by what a comprehensive graph of thread replies vs thread views, or member posts vs member views, might look like.

    Do you have in mind particular PF statistics and a method for representing them? I think we will find some interesting patterns in our data.
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    Personally, I'd like to see hourly (over the course of a day), daily (over the course of a week), and weekly (over the course of a semester) statistics for the various categories.

    For example, when is (say) the relativity forum most active?

    In addition, it might be nice to see how the activity of the homework forums varies with time. For example, when during the semester do questions in kinematics rise, peak, and fall off? forces? work? momentum conservation? (Certainly, schools start at different times and progress through the material at different rates. However, it may be interesting to see these trends anyway.)
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