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Selecting bachelor program

  1. Jan 21, 2016 #1
    I'm from Pakistan. I'm currently in 12th grade. It's time that I decide which program to do bachelors in. My interests are always changing. I've some basic experience in computer programming. Physics has always interested me. But in the recent years I have become extremely enthusiastic about Physics. Especially theoretical Physics. I would love to do bachelors in Physics. But I have some concerns as well.
    I live in Pakistan which is not a developed country. It's hard to get jobs here in Pakistan. Especially in a field like Physics. My father is in his 40s. He is a doctor and earning well right now but in future I would have to support my family. If I choose to do bachelors in Physics, I would have to do Masters and PhD too in order to get a good job at a good university. I can go that far but the problem is job scope narrows down. Are there any jobs a graduate in physics can do? apart from lectureship?
    There is an alternative. I can do Electrical Engineering. and after I complete my bachelors if I like I can go to fields like Robotics or if I like I believe its possible to pursue a masters in Physics too. Am I right?
    Please help me guys. Would be really grateful. Tell me what can one do if he/she has a bachelors degree in physics. Or masters...... can one master in physics after doing EE?
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    Depends on the university, I guess. In my country (Belgium), such a thing is not possible. Perhaps it is possible here if you agree on taking a prep year, I don't know.
    In other universities in other countries, the situation might be very different. I have heard at least one story of somebody pulling it off (but that is anecdotal evidence). You should do your own research towards universities to see which would allow it, and under which conditions.
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    Why don't you email some of the people in schools you are interested in to find out? Go to the webpages and look for info, and if you can't find the reply email someone there.
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    Good idea. Thanks
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    No physics is not a good choice for the money..opportunity cost of remaining in academia for 10 or so years is engineers salary progression of roughly about half that time. Yes you can always do a post graduate diploma in physics which would allows you to do an Msc.

    That is the best option IMO and many people have done it. It will take roughly 3 years I imagine to do the diploma + masters.
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