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Selection of a Motor

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    I need to rotate a circular aluminium disc with a Battrey powred DC motor. I am having problem in finding the right kind of motor. The total mass of the disc is 6 kg, radius of 30 cm and have to be rotated both horizontally and vertically. I need to rotate it at 1600 rpm. So what would be the appropriate motor to rotate the disc.

    thank you.
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    How fast do you need to get up to speed?

    What do you mean that you need to rotate it horizontally and vertically? Does it need to operate in both orientations or both ways simultaneously?

    What is it rotating in (vacuum, air, water, molasses, etc.) and is there any other load placed on it?

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    I just want to make a Gyroscopic suitcase with a inbuilt motor. So the orientation could be both and there is not any load on that rotating disc. Just the thing is that it need a high speed enough to get the gyroscopic effect.
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    Try doing a Google Images search for 12V 1600rpm DC motor, and click into some of the images to see the specs of potential motor candidates. You will likely need a pretty beefy 12Vdc battery to supply the motor for any length of time...
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    Also make sure your support is strong enough. You might need to use extra bearings to keep from destroying the motor or bending the shaft.

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    Thanks for the suggestion, I tried to search it but could not find the proper motor that could provide the required torque. And since it need to operate with 12V battery its difficult to find a suitable motor that could give a high torque with the required speed.
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