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Selectively Reducing Fe(III)

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    Hi All,

    I have been searching the web for days now, trying to find a way to selectively reduce Fe(III) to Fe(II) without reducing the uranium oxide (UO22+) present, and was hoping someone with more of a chemistry background could give me some advice on what to try/do.

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    Hi, and welcome to PF!

    I did some searching on my own, and I think this works.

    The reaction UO2+ + e- → U4+ + 2O2- has a standard reduction potential of 0.38 V.

    The reaction Fe3+ + e- → Fe2+ has a standard reduction potential of 0.771 V.

    Since the iron reaction has a higher potential, you can construct a cell where the anode reaction has a potential higher than 0.38 but lower than 0.771, which will then be spontaneous for the iron reaction but not for the uranium reaction.

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    O2- in water solution? That's not the reaction you will observe.

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    No, I realize that. Each oxygen ion will immediately deprotinate a water molecule making OH-.

    All I really wanted from the reaction was the reduction potential, but you are right of course, it's not the right picture.
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