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Self-creating Universe

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    Hello, I'm new to this forum. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone is familiar with J Richard Gott's theories of a self-creating universe. Are his arguments still valid today, I was told that there have been recent breakthroughs in detecting background radiation which have conclusively proven that the big bang is THE way it all started, but I think that the self creating universe fits very well. I would love to hear your opinions. Thanks
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    I don't think his ideas have ever been valid. He was a crank.

    The self-creating universe in his own words:

    "it would be like having one branch of a tree circle around and grow up to be the trunk. In that way, the universe could be its own mother."

    He wasn't much interested in expanding on his ideas with anything like...you know...science.
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    If you are talking about this person J. Richard Gott, III then he doesn't sound like a crank to me....

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    They are one and the same person, I read an interview referenced on the Princeton site and found the quote that Chimps disparaged.

    But I agree with you Garth. He doesn't seem like a crank to me at all. They don't usually hire cranks as professors in Astrophysics at Princeton.

    He might have some unusual ideas but that doesn't make him a crank.
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    Dr. Richard Gott with be a speaker at the INTERNATIONAL SHERWOOD FUSION THEORY CONFERENCE, APRIL 19-21, 2010, Seattle, Washington. :smile:

    Made me think about:

    Also, Dr. J. Richard Gott, III did write "A GOAL FOR THE HUMAN SPACEFLIGHT PROGRAM."

    Dr. J. Richard Gott, III is highly respected by the scientific community.
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    I certainly hope he's not a crank, or my reading his books would seem like a waste of time. ;)

    So does anyone have opinions on his theories, because I find the idea of a fractal universe very beautiful. I'm going to give a presentation on some of his theories in my speech class, so some quotes or opinions would be very appreciated. Thanks
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    Is this an ontological paradox? What is his theory exactly?
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    He wrote a paper in the 90s describing a universe in which quantum fluctuations can cause "baby universes" to branch off of the original one. One of the babies then curved back around to the original branch by traveling back through time to form a CTC (Closed Timelike Curve).

    [PLAIN]http://img717.imageshack.us/img717/8202/selfcreation.jpg [Broken]
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    Hi Stratavarius

    Some form of Self creation is at the heart of most cosmological theories - but the devil is in the details - Big Bang doesn't exclude self creation - it can be an event or era in an longer evolutionary process that begin earlier - perhaps in the infinite past- whether Gott's theories with closed timelines are realistic is yet to be verified - many cosmologists (Like Eddington) have expressed the view that they would be more comfortable with a less abrupt "Big Bang" The author of Post #3 above has published a very thoughtful paper entitled "Self Creation Cosmology" You might wish to read it in connection with your other material
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    He published this paper:

    I stumbled on his article in my research and I thought that it was quite good, the math is a little over my head, but the people in my class shouldn't notice my ignorance.:biggrin:
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