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Self creation cosmology

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    The theory of Self Creation Cosmology is described and found to be as concordant as the standard cosmological 'concordance model' with local experiments and cosmological observations. However it does not require the speculative hypotheses of inflation, dark matter or dark energy. The theory is highly predictive and when its only free parameter, H, is fixed empirically, all other cosmological constraints are then determined and found to be consistent with present observations. It is highly testable and challenges General Relativity in the geodetic precession measurement to be made by the Gravity Probe B satellite. The new theory predicts a geodetic precession about a direction perpendicular to the plane of the orbit of 5.5 arc/sec/yr, that is, 5/6 of that of General Relativity. The predictions of the 'frame dragging' precessions of that experiment are equal in both theories. Furthermore, there are at least two other experiments that will distinguish between the two theories, which should be performed at the earliest opportunity, if the geodetic measurement proves to be consistent with the theory. These experiments ask the questions, "Do photons fall at the same rate as particles?" and "Is the Casimir force coupled to curvature?"
    i came across this while looking for other things I'm not sure
    if it old news.
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    The new Self Creation Theory has been shown to predict a universe that is spatially flat yet with a total density parameter of one third. Observationally it would appear to accelerate in its expansion. It does not require inflation, 'dark energy', 'quintessence' or a cosmological constant (dynamical or otherwise)to explain observed cosmological features. It does, however, require a moderate amount of 'cold dark matter'. It predicts identical results as General Relativity in standard experimental tests but two definitive experiments exist, which would distinguish between the two theories. Here these standard tests and two definitive experiments are described, together with another, third, definitive experiment: geodetic precession. This test of GR, which is about to be performed on the Gravity Probe B satellite, is an opportunity to falsify Self Creation Cosmology. The theory predicts a 'frame-dragging' result equal to GR but a geodetic precession of only 5/6, or 0.83 the GR value. When applied to the Gravity Probe B satellite, Self Creation Cosmology predicts a gyroscope precession about a direction perpendicular to the plane of the orbit of 5.5 arc sec/yr.
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    Garth Barber's work is so far off the beaten track that
    it is out of my range of ability to assess or comment on it.
    this does not mean that it is misguided!
    it simply means that I cant tell about it
    or judge of it

    he defines special frames he calls Jordan Frame
    and Einstein Frame. In these frames the universe
    does not expand but remain static. however
    atomic clocks speed up exponentially (he says)
    and other things like that

    probably we should keep him under observation

    he has published in at least one mainstream-looking publication
    and he recently submitted work to one of the standard
    peer-reviewed journals (Classical and Quantum Gravity)

    he also lives in Surrey, in a place called Kingswood Vicarage
    (there is a long history of people who live in english vicarages
    making scientific discoveries, one never knows about those sorts
    of people)
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