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Self-creation of the cells

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    I just learnt that cells can divide themselves to develop to higher levels, but I am wondering as to why they can divide themselves, or to be clearer about my wonder, what factors contribute in the division of a cell ?
    A catalyst can accelerate a chemical reaction's speed, what enzymes can help cell's division much faster ?
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    Well, in single-celled organisms cell growth requires only nutrients. In multi-celled organisms cell growth and cell division depend on signals from other cells, which are called growth factors or mitogens (for mitosis). These growth factors bind to receptors on the cells surface and activate intracellular signalling pathways.

    Inside the cell there is a cell-cycle control system that is regulated by cyclin-dependent kinases (Cdks = protein kinases), which trigger the separate events of division. The process is very complicated, but with experiments they've been able to unravel it to great detail :)
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