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Self Energy of the Higgs

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    I have been going through chapter 2 of Sakurai; the 1967 edition. Chapter 2 gets into the self energy of the electron, the concept of the bare mass of the electron, and vacuum fluctuations. Would these same concepts (self energy, bare mass, and vacuum fluctuations) apply to a scalar field (e g the Higgs field) and a neutral scalar particle such as the Higgs boson? In chapter 1, Sakurai derives the Yukawa potential for a scalar field and identifies the pion mass with the interaction energy (see his equation 1.44). Could one associate the scalar field with the Higgs scalar field and the neutral scalar particle with the Higgs boson?
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    Not quite sure what you're asking here. The Standard Model is a specific quantum field theory that includes a scalar field corresponding to the Higgs boson. This is not the same as Sakurai's pion field.
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    Thank you Avodyne. I just returned from a vacation, otherwise I would have thanked you earlier.
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