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Self Evaluated Theological Introspection?

  1. Jul 31, 2005 #1
    Does the title = S earch for E xtra T heoretical I ntelligence ?

    Has anyone heard the statement: There are many shades of White, but to a Blindman, there is but one shade of Black?

    Can anyone throw some light on its relevance, I believe it relates to Self Evident Theoretical Inquiry, or Self Evaluated Theological Introspection?..well that what I have been told, I cant see it myself, The statement is purported to be of an Un-Published wording by Jeung?..regarding Einstein's view on Consciousness.

    A link to the reference,(or history of?) would be fan-4 my reply to corresponding with an half-wit, who calls himself (presume's he) Arthur Intelligent.

    Has to be a :mad: Scientist!

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    I would love to help you guy but I only speak English.......:smile:
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    Im sure Microsoft has a translation programme (size of a big yellow phone directory?) for you New Yorkers :biggrin: I got your number :wink:
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