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Self help books

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    Can anyone suggest me self help books for students which inspire me, motivate me and help me to manage my student life better.
    Thank you.
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    Anything by Milan Kundera. The link between motivation/student life is not a direct one. Hoever, his books ponder upon many aspects of life and therefore make one reflect. I found them to be amazing.

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    Thank you Fragment & Goldbeetle. Books that both of you have suggested are indeed great but I want books that deal explicitly with the the students or young adults. Well let me elaborate: I am a third year under graduate student and I have loooots of bad habit, which are severely hampering my studies. So what I want is the self help books which explicitly deal with these problems and suggest me the way out. For example there are books like 7 habits that highly effective people have etc. but they should explicitly deal with students/young adults.
    Please help me. I am indeed in great trouble.
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    I suggest you discuss your problems with a cognitive-behavioural terapist.
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