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Self Learning Cosmology

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    I have long been interested in cosmology, and I took a course with the same title in undergrad. We used Liddle's book An Introduction to Modern Cosmology which I thought was pretty good, but it was relatively short. I have knowledge of mathematics and physics up to early graduate level (got my BS in Physics, minored in Math and have had some math courses from grad school engineering). What I am looking for are some good books that aren't too expensive (<$150 would be an estimate) that would allow me to learn and understand cosmology at a deeper level. Any recommendations?
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    You don't need to buy any books, as long as you have an internet connection fast enough to support streaming video. Some of the most interesting people in the field have lectured at schools, institutes, etc, and Serkan Cabi has generously gathered many, many links.

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    George Jones

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    I found a torrent with a bunch of books on GR and cosmology. What would be a good list you can come up with from these that would get me on the track to learning and understanding GR and cosmology?

    Aldrovandi, Pereira. Introduction to General Relativity (2004).pdf
    Belinski V., Verdaguer E. Gravitational Solitons (2001).pdf
    Bergmann, de Sabbata. Spin in gravity (1998).djvu
    Blagojevic M. Gravitation and gauge symmetries (2002).djvu
    Blagojevic M. Gravitation and gauge symmetries (2002).pdf
    Bona C., Palenzuela-Luque C. Elements of numerical relativity (2005).pdf
    Brout et al. Primer for black hole quantum physics (1995).djvu
    Burko, Ori. Internal structure of black holes and spacetime singularities (1997).djvu
    Carmeli M. Classical Fields - General Relativityy and Gauge Theory (1982).djvu
    Carmeli M., Fickler. Relativity (1970).djvu
    Carroll S. Lectures on general relativity (1997).pdf
    Carter B. Black Hole Equilibrium States.. Part 1 (1972).djvu
    Carter B. Black Hole Equilibrium States.. Part 2 (1972).djvu
    Ciufolini (ed.). Gravitational waves (2001).pdf
    Cotsakis. Proc. 2nd Samos meeting on cosmology, geometry and relativity (2000).pdf
    De Felice, Clarke. Relativity on curved manifolds (1990).djvu
    De Sabbata V., Gasperini M. Introduction to gravitation (1985).djvu
    DeWitt, DeWitt. Black Holes (1973).djvu
    DeWitt, DeWitt. Relativity, Groups, and Topology (1964) 2.djvu
    DeWitt, DeWitt. Relativity, Groups, and Topology (1964).djvu
    DeWitt, Wheeler. Battelle Rencontres.. 1967 lectures in mathematics and physics (1968).djvu
    Dirac. General theory of relativity (1975).djvu
    Ehlers. Isolated gravitating systems in general relativity (1979).djvu
    Ehlers. Relativity theory and astrophysics. 1. Relativity and cosmology (1967).djvu
    Einstein A. Grundzuege der Relativitaetstheorie (1990)(de).djvu
    Einstein A. Relativity.. the special and general theory (1920).pdf
    Esposito G. Complex general relativity (2002).pdf
    Esposito. Asymptotic structure of space-time (1977).djvu
    Frauendiener. Analytical and numerical approaches to mathematical relativity (2006).pdf
    Fre P. Classical and Quantum Black Holes (1999).djvu
    Fre P. Course in general relativity (lecture notes,2003).pdf
    Frolov, Novikov. Black hole physics.. basic concepts and new developments (1997).djvu
    Futterman. Scattering from Black Holes (1988).djvu
    Gardner. Differential geometry and relativity (lecture notes,2004).pdf
    Geroch R. General relativity from A to B (U.Chicago,1978).djvu
    Gibbons, Shellard. Future of theoretical physics and cosmology (2003).djvu
    Gravitational physics.. exploring the structure of space and time.djvu
    Groen, Hervik. Einstein's general theory of relativity (2004).pdf
    Hawking S. Nature of space and time (1995).pdf
    Hawking S.W. Papers on the Big Bang and Black Holes (1993).djvu
    Hawking S.W., Israel W. 300 years of gravitation (1987).djvu
    Hawking S.W., Israel W. General relativity.. an Einstein centenary survey (1979).djvu
    Hawking, Ellis. The large scale structure of space-time (1973).djvu
    Hehl F. Black holes.. theory and observation(1998).djvu
    Hehl. Metric-affine gauge theory of gravity (1995).djvu
    Held A. Vol.1. General relativity and gravitation (1980).djvu
    Held A. Vol.2. General relativity and gravitation (1980).djvu
    Hestenes. Spacetime calculus, with applications to electrodynamics, QT and gravitation.djvu
    Hobson. General relativity.. an introduction for physicists (2006).pdf
    Hughston, Tod. Introduction to general relativity (1990).djvu
    Isenberg J. Mathematics and General Relativity (1986).djvu
    Israel W. Relativity, astrophysics and cosmology (1973).djvu
    Ivanenko, Sardanashvily. Gauge treatment of gravity (1983).djvu
    Janis, Porter. Recent advances in general relativity (1992).djvu
    Kilmister C.W. General theory of relativity (1973).djvu
    Lawden. Introduction to tensor calculus, relativity and cosmology (3ed.,1982).djvu
    Levy, Recent developments in gravitation (Cargese 1978 lectures,1979)(p.1-273).djvu
    Lichnerowicz A. Sur les equations relativistes de la gravitation (1952)(fr).djvu
    Linet B. Cours de Relativite generale (fr).pdf
    Ludvigsen M. General Relativity - a geometric approach (1999).pdf
    Ludvigsen M. General relativity.. a geometric approach (1999).djvu
    Macdonald A. Elementary general relativity (lecture notes,2004).pdf
    Macias. Exact Solutions and Scalar Fields in Gravity.. Recent Developments (2002).djvu
    Martel K. Signal detection of gravitational waves from binaries (phd thesis,1999).djvu
    McGlinn W.D. Introduction to relativity (Johns Hopkins,2002).pdf
    Misner, Thorne, Wheeler. Gravitation (1973).djvu
    Moss I. Quantum theory, black holes and inflation (1996).djvu
    Norbury. General relativity and cosmology for undergraduates (UW lectures,1997).pdf
    Ohanian H. Gravitation and spacetime (1976).djvu
    Oloff R. Geometrie der Raumzeit (2ed.,2002)(de).djvu
    Papapetrou A. Lectures on general relativity (1974).djvu
    Penrose R. Techniques of differential topology in relativity (1972).djvu
    PGrc_Cosmology/Allday J. Quarks, Leptons and the Big Bang (2ed.,2002).pdf
    PGrc_Cosmology/Amendola L. Dark energy (Heidelberg lectures,2005).pdf
    PGrc_Cosmology/Amoroso. Gravitation and Cosmology - From the Hubble radius to the Planck scale (2002).djvu
    PGrc_Cosmology/Bailin. Cosmology in gauge field theory and string theory (2004).pdf
    PGrc_Cosmology/Balian. Physical cosmology (1980).djvu
    PGrc_Cosmology/Barkana. The first sources of light and the reionization of the universe (2001).pdf
    PGrc_Cosmology/Berry M. Principles of cosmology and gravitation (1976) 2.djvu
    PGrc_Cosmology/Berry M. Principles of cosmology and gravitation (1976).djvu
    PGrc_Cosmology/Bonometto (ed). Modern cosmology (2001).djvu
    PGrc_Cosmology/Bonometto (ed). Modern cosmology (2001).pdf
    PGrc_Cosmology/Chun Yu. Relativity and Cosmology (U.Colorado lectures,2001).pdf
    PGrc_Cosmology/Coles. Cosmology.. the origin and evolution of cosmic structure (2ed.,2002).pdf
    PGrc_Cosmology/Collins, Martin. Particle Physics and Cosmology (1989) 2.djvu
    PGrc_Cosmology/Collins, Martin. Particle Physics and Cosmology (1989).djvu
    PGrc_Cosmology/Dodelson S. Modern cosmology (2003).djvu
    PGrc_Cosmology/Dominguez-Tenreiro. Introduction to cosmology and particle physics (1988).djvu
    PGrc_Cosmology/Emelyanov. Physics in multidimensional spaces and the beginning of metagalaxy (1986).djvu
    PGrc_Cosmology/Falcke, Hehl. The galactic black hole.. Lectures on general relativity and astrophysics (2002).djvu
    PGrc_Cosmology/Garcia-Bellido J. Cosmology for string theorists, a crash course (2002-05).pdf
    PGrc_Cosmology/Garcia-Bellido J. Lectures on cosmology (CERN-JINR European school).djvu
    PGrc_Cosmology/Grupen C. Astroparticle Physics (2005).pdf
    PGrc_Cosmology/History of the universe.jpg
    PGrc_Cosmology/Hudson M. Cosmology lecture notes (PHYS 787, U.Waterloo, 2005).pdf
    PGrc_Cosmology/Islam J.N. Introduction to mathematical cosmology (2ed.,2004).pdf
    PGrc_Cosmology/Kibble. Some implications of a cosmological phase transition (1980).djvu
    PGrc_Cosmology/Kim J.E. Light pseudoscalars, particle physics and cosmology (1987).djvu
    PGrc_Cosmology/Klapdor-Kleingrothaus. Particle Astrophysics (2000).djvu
    PGrc_Cosmology/Kodama, Sasaki. Cosmological perturbation theory (1984).djvu
    PGrc_Cosmology/Kofman, Linde. Generation of density perturbations in inflationary cosmology (1987).djvu
    PGrc_Cosmology/Kolb E.W., Turner M.S. The early universe (1988).djvu
    PGrc_Cosmology/Kursunoglu. The Role of Neutrinos, Strings, Gravity, and Var.Cosmol.Const. in Particle Physics (2002).pdf
    PGrc_Cosmology/Lachieze-Rey M. Cosmology. A First Course (1995).djvu
    PGrc_Cosmology/Lachieze-Rey, Luminet. Cosmic topology (1995).djvu
    PGrc_Cosmology/Liddle A. Introduction to modern cosmology (2ed.,2003).djvu
    PGrc_Cosmology/Liddle A. Introduction to modern cosmology (2ed.,2003).pdf
    PGrc_Cosmology/Liddle, Lyth. Cosmological inflation and large-scale structure (2000).djvu
    PGrc_Cosmology/Linde A. Particle physics and inflationary cosmology (2004).pdf
    PGrc_Cosmology/Mukhanov V.F. Physical foundations of cosmology (2005).pdf
    PGrc_Cosmology/Mukhanov, Feldman. Theory of cosmological perturbations (1992).djvu
    PGrc_Cosmology/Overduin, Wesson. Dark Sky, Dark Matter (2003).djvu
    PGrc_Cosmology/Padmanabhan T. Structure formation in the universe (1993).djvu
    PGrc_Cosmology/Padmanabhan T. Theoretical astrophysics vol.2.. stars and stellar systems.djvu
    PGrc_Cosmology/Padmanabhan T. Theoretical astrophysics vol.3.. galaxies and cosmology.djvu
    PGrc_Cosmology/Papantonopoulos (ed.). The physics of the early universe (2005).pdf
    PGrc_Cosmology/Peacock J.A. Cosmological physics.djvu
    PGrc_Cosmology/Peebles P.J.E. Physical cosmology (Princeton,1971).djvu
    PGrc_Cosmology/Peebles P.J.E. Principles of physical cosmology (Princeton, 1993).djvu
    PGrc_Cosmology/Raine, Thomas. An introduction to the science of cosmology (2001).djvu
    PGrc_Cosmology/Roos M. Introduction to cosmology (3ed.,2003).pdf
    PGrc_Cosmology/Ryan M. Hamiltonian cosmology (1972).djvu
    PGrc_Cosmology/Ryden B. Introduction to cosmology (2002).djvu
    PGrc_Cosmology/Schaeffer. Cosmology and large scale structure (1996).djvu
    PGrc_Cosmology/Stephani. Exact solutions of Einstein's field equations (2ed.,2003).djvu
    PGrc_Cosmology/Straumann. From Primordial Quantum Fluctuations to the Anisotropies of CMBR (2005).pdf
    PGrc_Cosmology/Tolman R.C. Relativity, thermodynamics, and cosmology (Oxford,1934).djvu
    PGrc_Cosmology/Wipf A. Das Standardmodell der Kosmologie (1997)(de).gz
    Poisson E. A relativist's toolkit (2004).djvu
    Poisson E. An advanced course in general relativity (2002).pdf
    Regge. Introduction to relativity (CERN lectures).djvu
    Ryabushko. Problema ustojchivosti dvizheniya tel v obshchej teorii otnositel'nosti (ru).djvu
    Sachs, Wu. General relativity for mathematicians (1977).djvu
    Sachs. General relavitity and cosmology (Proc. E.Fermi school,1971).djvu
    Schmidt B.G. General relativity (J. Ehlers honorary volume)(2000).pdf
    Schumacher. Physics in spacetime.. special relativity (lecture notes,2000).djvu
    Schutz B.F. A first course in general relativity (1985).djvu
    Stephani H. Exact solutions of Einstein's field equations (2ed.,2003).pdf
    Stephani H. Relativity (3ed.,2004).djvu
    Sternberg S. Semi-Riemann geometry and general relativity (lectures,2003).pdf
    Stewart J. Advanced general relativity (1991).djvu
    Straumann N. General relativity and relativistic astrophysics (1984).djvu
    t'Hooft G. Introduction to General Relativity (lectures,1998).pdf
    Tolman R.C. Theory of relativity of motion (Berkeley, 1917).djvu
    Topical meeting on gravitation and field theory (1971).djvu
    Torretti R. Relativity and Geometry (1983).djvu
    Townsend P.K. Black Holes.pdf
    Ungar. Beyond the Einstein addition law and its gyroscopic Thomas precession (2001).pdf
    Visser M. Lorentzian wormholes (1996).djvu
    Wald R.M. Black holes and relativistic stars (Chandrasekhar memorial,Chicago,1998).djvu
    Wald R.M. General relativity (Chicago,1984).djvu
    Waner S. Introduction to differential geometry and general relativity (lectures,2002).pdf
    Waner S. Introduction to Differential Geometry and General Relativity.djvu
    Weinberg S. Gravitation and cosmology.. principles and applications of GR (1972).djvu
    Weyl H. Raum, Zeit, Materie (6e Aufl., 1923-1970)(de).djvu
    Weyl H. Space - Time - Matter (1922).djvu
    Williams. Curved space (CERN lectures).djvu
    Witten L. Gravitation.. an introduction to current research (1962).djvu
    Zakharov V.D. Gravitational waves in Einstein's theory (1973).djvu
    Zel'dovich, Novikov. Teorija tyagotenija i e'voljucija zvezd (Nauka, 1971)(ru).djvu
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    wow, Weinberg has a pretty impressive collection of books he's authored. Thanks for the tip on the new cosmology book George!
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