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Self learning EE basics

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    I'm an M.E. and I want to learn about electronics to the point where I can design and build circuits that do what I want. Right now I have only a very basic background from undergrad EE courses, I know a bit about opamps and transistors and diodes and transformers and the E&M physics theory and that's about it.
    I need to learn the tricks and details about circuits, so is there any book that is suitable for this? I also want to learn about the integrated circuits out there that are common and useful, and how to use them. Are Schaum's outline books a good bet?
    Thanks for the suggestions.
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    jim hardy

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    You'll learn 100X faster by doing than by reading.

    Look into some hobby sites.

    Buy a "solderless breadboard" and build something for fun, or perhaps an electronic hobby kit.

    "Big Ear" kit plus an old satellite dish makes a fun first project..

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    I have a breadboard and I made a few projects in the past, but what I feel I'm lacking is more knowledge about how the circuit elements and ICs work. Before I can build anything I have to draw it out first - so I need to learn more theory, e.g. such things as saturation, response delay, breakdown... I don't really know what I'm talking about but hopefully you understand what I'm asking.
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    I like the book "The Art of Electronics" by Horowitz and Hill:


    You can take a look at it at your local university library or technical bookstore. It's pretty good for self study, and if you read it cover to cover, you will have a good basic understanding about how to put circuits together.
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    Got it, awesome book. Precisely what I was looking for. Thanks a lot.
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    Great! :smile:

    BTW -- We had a fun thread here in the EE forum a while back that was based on one of the features of the AoE book:


    Check it out when you get a chance...
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