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Self Powered Dynamic Systems

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    I'm fascinated by the prospect of them, but I can't seem to find much information/progress online aside from like small sensors which aren't quite the same thing.

    Has there been anything developed that is a self powered vibration generator? As in, it vibrates and then is powered by its own vibrations? Can these be made on a tiny scale? Large scale?
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    Comes too close to perpetual motion for me .

    There are devices which come close though . For instance the common pendulum . Once initially activated only minute input of energy is needed to sustain . Problem is that a minute abstraction of energy will stop it as well .

    There are of course many devices which can pick up stray power and then use it for some useful purpose - the self winding watch is most common example .
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    vibratin generating vibration >> perpetual motion >> cannot happen

    However, there is the possiblity of machines can harvest energy from their environment - animals and plants obviously do this;

    However, the power generated by living things is very small compared to what machines powered by fossil fuels (combustion engines) or electricity (motors) can generate
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    No, because that would be a free energy/perpetual motion machine, which violates the known laws of physics. Thread locked.
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