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Self Serving Statements

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    I have copied over a statement from a JPL release regarding the "Trojan Moons", of Saturn. It is interesting to me that there is an automatic assumption of lifelessness on Saturn, even though there is Oxygen present.

    I do respect life, and I also respect the sovereignty of the other planets in our Solar System. I think that taking a look at them is fine, but I don't think that we should be setting foot on any of them. The idea that Titan didn't blow up when we landed there, because there is no Oxygen, seems risky to me. What would have happened if we had somehow blown up Titan in some glitch that no one anticipated. Would we have just collectively said "Whoops", "Whoa cool man, look at that?" I think that whatever is there, belongs to Titan or its mother planet, and it should not have been risked at all.

    I also do not think we should be on Mars, it is not our business if there is or isn't life there. We should better tend to and maintain the living systems of our home planet. I am probably much worse than the flat earth folks. I consider it worrisome, that we create so much havoc on this planet, and consider ourselves sophisticated enough to travel to others.

    Currently there is a conflict in the Political/Scientific communities, as there is an attempt to stifle the Scientific community that questions Political decisions made to expedite commerce. Is it a golf course they want on Mars? Is it factories, or mines? Is it a strip mall, or workers quarters?

    I don't think our global ethic, our global behavior is appropriate for export. Here is the self-serving statement.

    The abundance of molecular oxygen on Earth is uniquely tied to biology. But these new measurements at Saturn suggest there are lifeless processes associated with cold icy surfaces that may produce an independent pathway for the formation of molecular oxygen in atmospheres.

    What if it is a life form that we don't understand? What if it looks like a sub Saturnian sea full of microbes, that though microbial, nevertheless has a huge group consciousness? Would we have the sophistication to understand that, or realize that we should not tread there?
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    The tendency to wreak havoc has no relevance to a people's sophistication for travel.
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    What if oxygen itself is conscious and suffers great pain when we breath it? Your 'wariness' could be applied to just about any possible action a human could take.
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    Try to talk sense....

    I am agreeing to the fact that there exist life form that we do not recognize, but at the same time we do know that O is not living!
    For Christs shake, do not confuse people!
    I guess you should learn more about Si based life forms, proposed by SETI ans all....
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