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Self-starting motor

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    I'm building a simple motor out of basic materials and at the moment its very similar to this one:
    http://www.exploratorium.edu/snacks/stripped_down_motor.html [Broken]

    However it won't start unless I give it an initial push. One of the criteria I need to fulfill is that it needs to self-start.

    Suggestions on how I might make the motor self-start, reliably as well?
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    All that I can think of for that particular type of motor would be to make sure that the coil is positioned at the very beginning of the 'power on' cycle so it will be attracted to the magnets right away. It still might not have enough momentum to carry through to the next cycle, though. Maybe increasing the mass of the coil would help...
    Do keep in mind, though, that the write-up for the design calls for a push to get it going. It isn't intended to be self-starting.
    Aside from that stuff, you might have to use switching commutators instead so you have alternating attraction during each half of the cycle.
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