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Self-Study Chemistry

  1. May 3, 2008 #1
    I want to take a chemistry class in the summer (General Chemistry II), but it has been two years since Chem 1A. My school does not allow me to take it again for credit and I will be very behind if I don't take chemistry over the summer (I still have no idea what to major in, but it will be related to chemistry). I am currently reading a chemistry book on my own to review the material, but I cannot do lab work. How do I prepare for that class? Is studying by myself enough to prepare for it? Thanks in advance.

    Also, do I really have to know everything from Chem 1A to take Chem 1B? Or do I only need a few topics covered from Chem 1A? (I'm talking about a generic first year general chemistry course since I still don't know where to take it at)
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    Since you have taken the prerequisite course, go back through your notes and textbook to review. And, if you find yourself stuck, feel free to use our HW/Coursework forums (in other sciences) to ask for help.
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    I hear that chemistry classes are different at different schools. Is it a good idea that I take it at the same community college? Or would it be better for me to take it at a four-year university? (It would only count towards me University of California GPA if I take it at a UC) Do grad schools look down upon community college courses?
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    Courses usually build off the main ideas of their prerequisites, if they use them at all. I wouldn't worry too much, scan through your old book if it makes you feel better
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