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Self-study schedule

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    Hi all. I recently took AP Calculus AB as a senior. While I feel that I enjoyed and understood the subject matter greatly, my class got no where near where we were supposed to get. I really want to have a good Calculus base for college next year, especially if I decide to start in Calc II.

    I just ordered Spivak's book, since I've heard nothing but raving reviews from people who have used it in a similar fashion to what I am going to use it for.

    I've never really self-studied before, so I'm not really sure how to go about it. I want it to be structured, and I want to get as far as possible over the summer. Would two hours a day, every day but one a week be adequate? I don't want to get burned out and just give up altogether.

    Any tips for keeping me motivated and on track?
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    Spivak is a really good book, you'll know you're material very well after going thru that book.
    As for tips, I got this from another post: "DO THE PROBLEMS. Don't just read, you have to practice and be active. Otherwise you'll just wasting your time."
    ^^^^ This is definitely true, I tried to self study physics and suffered terribly. All I did was read, and yes I wasted my time. I've decided to do the problems now. You do the problems too!!! :)
    Time yourself as well, set aside an hour each day to study and do not stop. Keep going, remember you'll be rewarded for the hard work you do. Nothing is in vain.
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