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Self study

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    Okay so I calmed down from my last post and am ready to actually do something worthwhile.

    Would I be able to start self studying material for a future class that doesn't rely on the second half of a mechanics course? Specifically I'd like to start studying some Intro E&M stuff on my own, is there any stuff from mechanics I'll need to make sure I have down cold to do so?
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    The best way to prepare for E&M is to beef up your vector calculus knowledge.
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    even for an intro course, i'll need Vector calculus?
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    Let's put it this way: Vector Calculus or at least most/all of Intermediate Calculus(if not more) will be very helpful in the Electricity & Magnetism Physics fundamental course for the Physical Science and Engineering majors.
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    For Intro E&M you will need to know basic basic vector rules. At my univeristy it was Calc III (not exactly sure if it is the same everywhere).
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