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Studying Self-Studying AP Calculus BC

  1. Oct 29, 2009 #1
    I am self-studying ap calculus bc. I need someone to recommand me a good prep book. I will also get a tutor.

    If possible also give me a link with good worksheets and solutions.

    please give me the link of the picture of the prep book you recommand

    I hear PR and Barron are pretty bad.
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    I took AP Calculus BC last year and had a great teacher. He recorded all of his lectures and posted them on his website http://www.toddfadoir.com" [Broken]. I encourage you to give it a look. It is well organized and very thurough. We used the book "Calculus, 4th Ed. by James Stewart". It was a fine book and you can also get a worked out answer booklet if you would like.
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    I think Barron is the best one out there; it definitely worked for me. I suggest you also look at Shmoop; it provides online AP Exam prep and I used it when I was studying for http://www.shmoop.com/ap-calculus/" [Broken]. It has tons of practice exercises and tests, explains concepts in a simple, relatable manner and has test-taking tips and tricks too. I got a perfect score without any tutors which is a big deal considering how scary Calculus is for me.
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    ^^ Did you check the dates of this thread before posting? This thread is about 2 years old. Furthermore, I believe that the OP is in college now, and so, your post wouldn't be particularly helpful to him/her.
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    Yep. My first thought when seeing this thread at the top of the forum was, "why in the world is flyingpig self-studying AP calculus when he's already in university?"
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    His post is not necessarily useless though. It probably is for flyingpig but it's possible that somebody else might find it of use. Not the best reason but still, I've seen threads being "dug from their graves" for far less...
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    That's why I said:
    him/her = flyingpig :wink:
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