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Self Studying Chemistry

  1. Oct 4, 2015 #1
    Hi, I know that Chemistry doesn't really pertain to math or physics but I guessed this was the best website that would suit my question. Haha. I was wanting to self study general chemistry using a textbook. I do have the textbook, but was wondering what I should supplement it with. Also I was wondering if anybody knows like a specific method of how I should study from a textbook ( like how should I take the notes, and should I leave out the little details.) Thank you for answering my questions!!!!!
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    Work the problems!
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    Chemistry should be reviewed if desired AFTER you studied it for real. In this case, you could review on your own. You need a laboratory activity set to study sensibly the first time through on Introductory Chemistry or for General Chemistry. If you really want, you could try studying from a General Chemistry textbook and focus the same way you would if it were a beginning Calculus-based Physics course. Some of the concepts and methods overlap, but many do not overlap.
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