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Self-studying math to physics?

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    Hi, i am a thirteen year old boy who has a great interest in math and physics. I was just wondering how can i learn myself math (Trigonometry,pre-calc etc.) all the way to solving some physics problems at a certain level?
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    Its really good that you have interest in these subjects , first of all you must find a pretty good math teacher(personal) so you can contact him in your free time . You can learn physics if you are good in math's but understanding basic principle's and concepts play's very important role in physics . You cannot solve problem's in physics without knowledge of basic principle's. Maths cannot alone help you to learn physics. If finding a teacher becomes difficult you can always refer books if you are used to it , they are a lot of help once you are used to it.
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    A good start would be to ask your school's math teachers what textbooks they use for their classes and study out of those. That way your math knowledge includes the same topics that a teacher at your school would expect you to know. Plus, it makes it easier for them to answer questions on specific problems and examples.
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    Which books are good to read?
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    It depends on your interest. Read encyclopedia's (for starter's) grasp as much information as you can
    Buy some physics books ,if your interested in astronomy and cosmology stephen hawking brief history of time is a very good book to start with ,though it is a bit difficult to understand you will be used to it in no time.Solve maths problems and understand physics before solving them.
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