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Self-Taught Calculus based Physics ?

  1. Sep 11, 2010 #1
    Hello all, I'm going into my junior year of high school and have just begun my IB diploma program. I just transferred from a public school, where I had taken AP Physics B during my sophomore year...

    The IB Physics class here is non-calculus based, and is basically the exact same thing as the class I just took (plus or minus a few extraneous, minor chapters). I told this to my current teacher, and looking at how well I did in my previous class, basically told me that I can do whatever I wish in class, and because I taught myself a fair amount of calculus over the summer, suggested that I teach myself the AP Physics C curriculum. My question to the forum is, what suggestions for books do you have for a junior teaching himself calculus based physics? I have a limited amount of resources because it's currently refined to what my teacher owns, but I'll get a list of the texts he has on here. If there are better books, let me know and I can set up a trade situation with the local library.

    Thanks in advance!

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