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Self-teaching and colleges

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    I am in high school and hacve yet to take a formal physics class. However, I am trying to teach myself. What books are a great introduction to particle physics/quantum mechanics or astrophysics. I may not be an expert, but im a sharp kid and can figure things out. Right now all i have is The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene.

    On another note, does UC Santa Barbara or UC Davis have a good physics department. I am wondering because I am stuck between either a biology major, (of some sort) or a physics major(of some sort)
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    You should learn standard introductory physics first before you think about particle physics, quantum mechanics, or astrophysics. They all build off of introductory physics.
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    You are right! Do what You love and You don't be in error.
    The best books are the books that:
    1. You love to read.
    2. You can conceive 10% of the book after 10 readings from 1 page to the last page.

    You should know that physics is the science and biology is the art (in my mind), but both demand creativity and (excuse ) love.

    While absence of cold war, biology has the priority, but who knows modern politics striving nations :(((
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