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Self teaching Master of Chemical engineering

  1. May 10, 2012 #1
    I have a master's degree in Chemical Engineering. Ever since I was a little kid universe and how it works have always kept me wondering.
    Now that I have an appropriate background, I think, in relevant math, physics, and chemistry, I would like to dig in a little deeper than a television documentary series on universe. I do not have money and time to go back to school and would like to teach myself. What books do you guys recommend. I do not mind if it takes years to fully understand, would like to mathematically solve, derive, express astrophysical concepts and ideas.
    I have to refresh my memories though.
    I plan to review Fluid Mechanics with my old textbook, An Introduction to Fluid Dynamics by G. K. Batchelor
    I plan to teach myself statistical mechanics with Statistical Mechanics by McQuarrie
    What books would you recommend after mastering the two books above?
    I wanted to learn Complex Analysis next. I am seeing that 2 books, Complex Analysis by Lars Ahlfors and Complex Variables (Dover Books on Mathematics) by Francis J. Flanigan are what I will get.
    Thank you in advance.
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