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Self teaching

  1. Jun 5, 2008 #1
    Is it possible to teach myself Electrical engineering from scratch using only the internet and available material (I know there are open courses and such)?

    I am not interested in a degree at the moment and neither the expenses and lifestyle university entails for 4 years.
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    I suppose this depends on what you mean by "electrical engineering." Certainly you can lean aspects of it - and I would even go so far as to say that if you have the drive you can get to a level where you can accomplish what you are hoping to use those skills for. However, without the guidance of a formal academic program it would be very difficult to educate yourself to the standard of a certified professional electrical engineer.
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    Thats a term from a different language. For discussion sake we can say any physics studies at B.A level.

    Also has anyone heard of other people doing so?
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    Yes. You'd need more than internet materials though. You'd need to get a list of appropriate text books and read through them. However, you'd miss out on a lot of the lab components. And engineering, being a practical science, is all about labs.

    You wouldn't get a job doing that though, so this would be purely for interest's sake.

    Sure there are people who've done this. Didn't Bill Gates teach himself computer science?
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    employers typically dont respect home school BS degrees, but it would definitely be possible to learn it all, especially if you follow a curriculum of a university. It would be important to know what's important and what you need to know, so you dont miss anything or waste time on trivial matters. Itd be difficult to stay disciplined and actually do problems without an instructor though
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    mainly because for home degrees BS has a different meaning.
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