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Self Teaching

  1. Aug 8, 2011 #1
    I'm going into my second year of applied math and engineering. My problem is that my degree requirements do not allow me to take any courses on quantum mechanics. Therefore, I am thinking about teaching myself from a textbook or something of that sort.

    I was wondering if someone could give some input on what resources I should use and how I should go about this.

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    Assuming you have the math background, I've found Gasiorowicz to bequite good.
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    Math background wont be an issue...any idea where to find video lectures? Ive also heard good things about Griffiths.
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    the leonard susskind lectures from stanford are excellent.

    type quantum mechanics lecture 1 into youtube.
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    'Quantum mechanics' by Alastair I. M. Rae is good. He uses physical examples to introduce the subject, instead of just stating the maths at the start.

    Edit: this is one of the books I was recommended for my 3-year undergraduate physics degree, so its good for beginners.
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