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Self-training techniques

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    What are the best self-training techniques to become an inventor? I am a 25 year-old undergraduate Mechanical-Aerospace engineering student. I look forward to become a patent-holder within 10 years. Do I have to get a degree from Top Universities like MIT, CalTech and others in addition to self-motivation? What do you think?
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    The only thing you need is two sets of brains and inspiration + the will to work work work...

    marlon :approve:
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    And then you got to pay thousands of $ and wait years for it to be evaluated. And after all that, you'll need loads of lawyer $ if you got to defend it.
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    Patents aren't that special. There are so many variation of processes that it's trivial to think of something that can be patented. The real challenge is to come up with something that companies find cheaper to license from you, instead of designing around the patent and/or threatening you with a cross licensing scheme. Patents themselves cost around $4,000 w/o a patent lawyer. With a patent lawyer it can run up to $12,000.
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    I suspect one can involve himself in international issues as well.
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